Open Squad

1st Place in RP, IR, OR, PCC 
Xan,Mitchell,Haze, and John 

Senior Squad

1st Place CP, 2nd Place IR & PCC, 3rd Place OR 
William, Kenneth,Julien, and Aaron 

The times were really close so when you factor in 4 team members across 4 stages with 4 strings for each member 5 seconds really isn’t a LOT of time

PCC – 2nd place – 201.20 – MM           1st place – 195.32
IR – 3rd place – 257.50       2nd place – 251.44 – MM       1st place – 209.51
OR – 3rd place – 196.22 – MM          2nd place – 188.32         1st place – 162.61

The SCTP SC/GA Border Skirmish was held on Saturday 7 March

Harley and Jack along with the Etowah Valley Mambas competed in the event and Georgia won the skirmish. 
Outstanding Job guys!!! 

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